Here We Go Again!



It’s happening all over again.  I have three blogs or rather I have excitedly started blogs in the past only to let them drift off.  Rather I let myself drift away.  It begins with dedication, purpose and then I let life get in the way. 

I truly wish to develop the craft and discover something through my writing.  Maybe it is my voice, my mission, or my purpose.  This has always been my struggle at certain periods throughout my life and now it has carried over to blogging. 

Again, I have caught myself not writing for two days.  Not even a line as Donald Murray suggests, “a line a day”.  That creed slipped away from the creases of my awareness only to arise again on a Tuesday when I need post a slice.  I panicked and calmed myself with the words, “you can post tomorrow”, but I know my pattern.  That will not be the case because tomorrow is busy and writing is not a priority.

Ah, there’s the rub—writing is not the priority.   Does it need to be a priority?  Why do I shy away?  Writing may not have to be a priority, but it is a release.  Writing helps me focus, accept my thoughts, develop my ideas, and delve into topics.  From writing, I find myself in a better mood, more self-confident which should inspire me to continue.  Therefore, writing needs to be a priority as well as the release of ideas.

This leads me to a new perspective and a promise to myself.  The SOL challenge worked for me.  I was dedicated to the challenge of posting a slice each day, so I am going to challenge myself as a writer.  I love challenges and now I need to explore challenges as a writer.  I am going to summon myself to commit to a line a day for the remainder of April.  Then, next month will lead to a new face off. 

 Donald Murray stated that writing is not something you can learn, it is a craft that is molded, studied, developed.  The only way to study something is to explore, reflect, put the knowledge to use.  So, my focus will be to attempt to study my writing each month by challenging myself as a writer.  Wish me luck!


“the writer will never learn to write, for the craft of writing is never learned, only studied.”    Donald Murray


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  1. Lisa Maucione says:

    I can relate to this. I struggle to find the time to write! When I have time I usually choose reading over writing. It’s so hard to make the commitment to write. It’s so great that you are trying to be more consistent.

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