New Eyes

Day 30  #SOL17  Year 1


A short post:  Swing Time by Zadie Smith (highly recommend) would not leave my hands.   I must admit that I am more of a reader than a writer.


Developing an awareness is critical for a teacher and a writer.  As a teacher, we need to be aware of everything surrounding us which is why it can be an exhausting profession.  This month has led me to strengthen my awareness as a writer.  I also am developing an awareness of my student’s as writers.  Through these new eyes, I am able to confer and guide them to develop their skills.


Luca, a third grader, was writing in his journal about a character he liked.  He started out with his statement but then hit some bumps, so we conferred as to why he thought the cat kept going out in the snow.  His response was short and sweet, but focused on the actions of the cat and not the reasons.  Luca was not hitting his mark and he knew it.


After conferring he wrote some more, then stopped again.  “I am not really saying anything up here.  It’s not making sense.”


Here’s a golden opportunity!  I rushed over to him and said, “That’s what happens to writers.  We begin writing and it doesn’t always make sense.  So, we keep writing just to find a flow and our message comes out.”


Luca continued and in the end, was pleased with his story.  He even had a great ending!  With guidance, conferring, and a love of the topic, writers find their way or their surprise, as Donald Murray refers to it.


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  1. tbreitweiser says:

    Swing Time is on my TBR list – I acquired the book from BOTM club. I am looking forward to reading it! All my library holds keep coming in!

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    1. Ms. Pesta says:

      I love her writing. Read it wondering where it would lead. Stay with it and it pays off. I want to read it again!


  2. What a great conference! I love the way your student showed real insight into his own writing and you gently guided him. SOL really does help us as teachers become better writing teachers, certainly more sympathetic!


    1. Ms. Pesta says:

      It is so true. It was a gift to receive.


  3. mrssurridge says:

    In the last 30 days I realized, once again, how many times I began writing with nothing to say. After a number of false starts I always came up with something I felt worthy of publishing. Some days it took longer than others. It has helped me give pep talks to my students during our writing time because I know so well how they feel.

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    1. Ms. Pesta says:

      I am sure they appreciate and value your words because you are going through the same struggles.

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  4. The power of conferring is one that I am trying to always improve- sounds like you and Luca both hit the mark on this day.


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