Establishing Good Habits

Day 24    #SOL17  Year 1


I have decided to take a journey with some old friends, “the Donald’s”.  This is how some true friends of theirs actually referred to them at NCTE one year.  I read their works a long time ago as I was teaching in the classroom.  Now, I have decided to return as I try to develop my craft as a writer.   A different purpose, eye, and heart.

I am currently reading an article by Donald Murray in a journal, College English (1984).  In this article, he asks the reader what is their writing habit and their tool.  This made me stop.  Do I have a habit?  No.  Am I using specific tools that I like? No.

However, knowing and doing are entirely two different species for me.  I realized that there has been minimal application of the writing knowledge received from books, NCTE conferences, PAWLP which I have gained over the years.  And I must confess that I often jump from idea to idea in life, teaching, and learning so my focus is not there.  So, now I am going to find time to breathe and put the knowledge to use.  Thus, re-enter the writing gods—Murray and Graves.

My tools need to be established.  Lately, I have been typing my stories and I am not too fond of this.  My fingers cannot keep pace with my thoughts without making and correcting mistakes.  I find that using pen and paper is easier for me to reach a flow.  I also find crossing out to be cathartic.  With typing I am correcting and losing the ‘moment’;  maybe due to the fact I learned to type on typewriters.  So, my tools will be a Moleskine notebook (which I love—image is everything) and colored pens.  They will be my tool.  Colored pens are essential because their are days I feel orange and others purple.

Next, the hard part—-the Habit.  Donald Murray suggests a line a day and that is how I am going to start.  I will not count words or time since I do not respond well to limits.  My plan will include a line or even revisit some old material.  Pressure, an infamous friend, will appear from time to time, but I am going to make this as pleasurable as possible to see where it may lead.  Embarking on my writing journey with my friends, “the Donald’s” begins now.  Well, after I go to Target in order to pack my bags with the tools.


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  1. mrssurridge says:

    Those seem like great guys to journey with!! Imagine if you could pack them both in your car and drive across country with them. Each day you could discuss writing and each night, when you stopped to rest, they could coach your writing. Wouldn’t that be amazing?!
    I love your idea of colored pens because, you are right, the colors match different moods. And, I also think that writing just one line sounds completely doable. I’ve tried keeping a notebook before but I always fizzled. Maybe if I got colored pens and focused on completing just one line it would work better. Hmmmm.

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    1. Ms. Pesta says:

      The road trip sounds great! May have to apply that locally. Must carry that notebook everywhere.

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  2. This post came at the right time for me! I know that March is almost over and I want to keep writing, but I also know I will only slice on Tuesdays. I bought a new notebook over break and have been collecting pens in many colors. I wrote in the notebook a bit over break and my goal is to continue in April. I am also a notebook fizzler. One line- I could do that! Last year for awhile a group of us were writing a sticky a day- also doable. I MUST get back to it!

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    1. Ms. Pesta says:

      I was thinking about April as well. I know I can not post something everyday. Maybe one line and then a main post once a week would work for me. Even the idea of a sticky a day could work for me. Thanks!

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