My Addiction (legal, of course, I’m a teacher)

Day 21  #SOL17


Hello!  My name is Chris and I am an addict.

It all began about thirteen, fourteen years ago at a local coffeehouse that had just opened.  The place was large, dark, and had a certain appeal.  Well, let’s just say it was my type of place—tea and good music.

A coffeehouse always had an appeal for me.  Maybe it all began with that television show, Friends.  Or maybe it was just the need to find a spot I can call my own.  Whatever it was, I was there and it was where I drank my first, chocolate chai.

No, I am not Sam Spade, but I always did have a thing for Dashiell Hammett’s wit and writing.  Nick & Nora movies were it for me.  The humor, the horses and the style of that era.  William Powell was what I wanted in a man—a little dirt, a little wit, a lot of smarts, and looks good in a tux.  But alas, wrong time period.

Oh, yes, my addiction.  I would visit the coffeehouse every day for my chocolate chai.  I was “Norm” to the people who worked there.  It got to the point that as soon as I entered, the milk would be steaming!

It became my visit before school.  Then, I would dash on really cold days during school.  I would have after school book clubs with students at the coffeehouse.  And then, there was the Poetry Slam at school where the students were able to slam at the coffeehouse.  I found every possible reason to go to the coffeehouse for my fix.   Friends even had a surprise 40th birthday party for me there.  However, one of my fondest memories is reading The Adventures of Edward Tulane in a booth with tissues and my chocolate chai.

Then, I changed jobs and my chocolate chai addiction had to be curbed.  The shop did not open before my drive began.  Which led me to give into the worst possible habit for independent coffeehouses:  Starbucks!  Yes, I gave in!  I did, I did, and I am not ashamed. Grande, non-fat, no water chai!  Daily!  I missed the chocolate, but let’s face it chocolate was an easy fix.  But, as we know all good things must come to its end and I didn’t need Nick or Nora cornering me in a room to bring this to my attention.

Next along this journey, was a report on NPR about saving money and the amount that can be saved by giving up the visit to Starbucks as well as other venues for the fix.  My eyes popped and I thought I must to put an end to this!  You can do it!  For crying out loud, your mother stopped smoking cold turkey.

But alas, I could not do it cold turkey.  The temptation and addiction was too strong.  I was just not strong enough, so the digestive gods had to intervene.  Lactose intolerant!!!!   Will this madness never end?!   Okay, okay, I got the message.  No more chai or chocolate chais.  The horror!  The anguish!

Enter the gastroenterologist, who was a very kind man.  He should be awarded the Nobel Prize because he said, “One or two a week won’t hurt you.  It’s not that much milk.”   God Bless You!!!!!

So now, it was a weekend treat!  Starbucks and the local coffeehouse.  I can control this.  I did control it.  The coffeehouse or Starbucks on the weekend worked.  I even got my own latte machine to make my lactose free lattes at home.  Life was good, until….

Now the addiction is raging again!  Is there a Chai Latte Anonymous anywhere?

Chocolate chai. It’s just like a dame….


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  1. Kate Schwarz says:

    Chuckling here! I was totally addicted to Starbucks’ chai, too–but I had it with soy milk, which is NOT nonfat! But no-water, of course…I’m with you! (I was always secretly annoyed when they made a mistake and put water in it…I didn’t want them to throw a drink away but it was not how I ordered it! I drank it anyway…) I don’t go very often anymore as I consume a whole lot less sugar than I did years ago, but when I want a treat, that is exactly what I order. And I don’t feel guilty about it! (Warning: do NOT get it with soy milk because it’s so much richer and creamier you will need it with soy every time!) Sweet slice!

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    1. Ms. Pesta says:

      I am chuckling here as well. Kindred spirits. I used to hate when they would add water also, as well as foam. I already knew about the soy milk and i haven’t been brave enough to try it with almond milk. Why ruin a good thing? I have learned however that drive throughs do not make the best drinks. They rush to make it, so if you treat yourself remember that. Thanks for responding!


  2. tbreitweiser says:

    There are worse things to be addicted to – I feel your pain!
    I love the coffeehouse – inspires me to write and to people watch.

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  3. I share your coffee house addiction (for tea usually). I have never had chocolate chai (not a thing at Starbucks here) and it sounds like I better not try it or I will be addicted too (I love regular chai, but rarely get it). This was a very well written slice and fun to read.

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  4. rdicarne says:

    I have taken to making my chai lattes in my Keurig. I have never had a chocolate chai, but it sounds like something I could easily become addicted to as well! I enjoyed reading your slice.

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  5. I’ll be the voice of dissent here….. I cannot stand chai lattes at all! Now, before I get a virtual beat down here, I have tried them (always my wife’s question if I won’t eat/drink something), but just never enjoyed that milky texture to my tea. Never going to be an issue with me.

    I tried to go cold turkey on Diet Coke, lasted almost a month. Nope, couldn’t do it, so I understand that voice of addiction. It’s down a weekend treat as well, which is all right by me! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this enlightening slice with us today!

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    1. Ms. Pesta says:

      No beat down here. It does appear a drink for a certain personality. It does a milky texture. So glad you enjoyed the slice!

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  6. I’m a super fan of Starbucks! I try lots of different coffees though, I’m not hooked on just one. But I do only go for special treats. I’m too cheap to go everyday. lol

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  7. Lisa L2L4L says:

    Chocolate CHAI?? Who knew! And no-water-CHAI?? It sounds like I’ll be also looking for chai anonymous soon! Oh boy, this is a slippery slope and I am going down it so fast….two new things to try! Good thing (not really) there isn’t a real coffee shop within an hour’s drive.

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  8. maryannreilly says:

    This is filled with such voice. Chatty, humorous, poignant. I was cringing here with all that dairy. Glad you were able to cut back:)

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  9. failingreatly says:

    Chocolate chai sounds delicious! I’ve never had it. Will have to try. I’m currently in love with the Flat White, and I’m trying to stay away to save money.

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    1. Ms. Pesta says:

      I hear you about the money. The chocolate chai is at the local coffeeshop, but I imagine Starbucks could make it. However, I will warn you. Once you start it is difficult to stop.


  10. djvichos says:

    I could really empathize with your struggle as I am a coffee addict and love passing time in local coffee shops, too. Thanks for taking us on this journey with you–it was a fun read!

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  11. mrssurridge says:

    This was so much fun to read. I could FEEL your struggle. “Chocolate chai. It’s just like a dame”. Excellent ending!


  12. You have shared that we can all change, albeit difficult and sometimes not of our own choosing!

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  13. Akilah says:

    Stomach issues are what stopped me from eating chocolate. I don’t even dabble because the consequences are too great. No-water chai, though? I have never heard of this, and Google tells me that is probably why I hated every chai latte I ever got from Starbucks. Good to know.

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    1. Ms. Pesta says:

      Try it. It does makes a difference.


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