Magical Mondays

Day 13   #SOL17


Magical Mondays

Let’s face it not many people like Mondays.  They just have that nasty habit of causing stress, anxiety and sleep interrupted Sunday nights.  Teachers definitely have so much racing in their brains on Sundays that it is difficult to awaken rested.

So, on this Monday I had the anxiety of finding a topic to write about.  Stress is heightened and I usually do not write well under those constraints.  Therefore, I thought I would now term my Mondays as “Magical Mondays” and write about magical moments held tightly inside my heart.

We all have memories that were magical.  They are the ones we often cling to and wish we could relive.  They evoke such feelings that we may even be capable of brewing up the scents, tastes, or sounds of the occasions.

It’s a warm summer evening and the Phillies are playing.  My father is in the back room watching the game and I have a desire for ice cream.  Of course, my father will not refuse to take a ride, so I suggest, “Hey, Dad let’s go for some ice cream.”

Taking a drive is something my father loves to do and going for ice cream at Sunny Slope Dairy is one of our favorite things.  I just love their chocolate ice cream, plus when we drive to the dairy, we get to sit outside in the parking lot on the trunk of the car.  Or we get to ride home listening to the Harry Kalas and Richie Ashburn calling the game as we see who is the one to make their cone last the longest.  I rarely win because chocolate ice cream is just too hard to resist and with the summer heat, the treat is already melting down the cone.

This is a magical memory for me.  It involves elements of summer: ice cream, drives in the car with the windows down, and the Phillies.  But what makes them the most pleasing is being with my father.


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  1. I love the magical memory! You were able to transport me there. What a great idea for a slice!

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  2. mrssurridge says:

    I love the way you shared your memory, which is obviously very vivid and precious to you. Your Magical Mondays are magical.

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