Day 11   #SOL17


The wind




but the home remains.


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  1. paulabourque says:

    You have certainly described my little corner of the world this morning. Brrrrrr….

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  2. maryannreilly says:

    Im guessing that it is blowing up where you are. Or on a symbolic level, life storms sometimes, and yet the heart and home holds. So much packed into so few words. Wow.

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    1. Ms. Pesta says:

      Both. Sister is in the hospital. Impressed you picked up on that.


  3. We had so much wind here lately too! Our school lost an entire tree that snapped off a few feet off the ground.


    1. Ms. Pesta says:

      Whoa! How did the kids react?


  4. Sounds scary! We have been having really violent thunderstorms and sometimes it feels scary to be on the 15th floor. Your line breaks add to the drama well.

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  5. mrssurridge says:

    You make me appreciate our 80 degree weather. I’m glad your home is still standing. That’s a big plus.

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    1. Ms. Pesta says:

      Jealous of you enjoying the 80’s. We may need it later in the week just to melt the snow.

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