Happy Birthday!

Day 10  #SOL17

Michael crouches in the driveway against the curb where a flower garden lies.   It is not the weeds or the flowers that call to him, but the dirt.  The dirt is the foundation for the roadways he lays for the matchbox cars to travel upon.  These are not simple roads, but intricate highways through the zinnias and marigolds.  The highways have on and off ramps and, of course, since it is Chester County there are definitely back roads.  Back roads are what his grandfather uses on their adventures through the countryside.

Yesterday was Michael’s birthday.  He is in his thirties and there are no more roads in the flower garden.  Now, he traverses the highways of Southern California which may resemble his flower garden routes.  His engineering skills were only for his childhood, but Michael still enjoys driving on the open road.

Happy Birthday!


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  1. What a precious memory and a delightful one to reminisce on your son’s birthday.

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  2. rosecappelli says:

    Nice post Chris! I love the way your memory was related in present tense. You were right back there with Michael and his roads, then brought us up to the present.


  3. You certainly have a flair for transporting us to another time by writing right within the moment. Happy birthday to your son! I am assuming he is your son.

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  4. mrssurridge says:

    What a fun ode to a bygone time and a son’s birthday. I am in my 50s and remember fondly making those Matchbox car highways through whatever dirt we could find. My heart still flutters whenever I see a Matchbox car.

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