to just…..Be.

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Day 8

There are moments that are brief and ones that seem to last days.  There are moments which may drive us to scream and stamp our feet.  This poem comes from those moments.


To go somewhere

Not to be seen

Not to be heard

Not to think

Just feel


To go somewhere

Listen to only the bird’s songs

Feel only the whispers of a breeze

And to just breathe


To go somewhere

To smile

To laugh

And to just…..



Of course, after writing this poem, after one of those moments, helped tremendously.

Long Live Poetry!!


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  1. Dana Murphy says:

    Gosh, I need one of these moments desperately. Your poem was beautiful and reminded me that I need to create one of those moments for myself instead of waiting for it to happen.


  2. KScheirer says:

    I love poetry because you can easily express these moments. I love listening to the birds’ songs and the whisper of the breeze, too!


  3. We start our poetry unit today and your poem is a great reminder to me as poetry is one of my favorites. I will share this with my third graders today:)

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  4. mrssurridge says:

    Very calming. I wish there was an extra hour in each day to take your advice. Maybe it would give us the time we need to write more poetry.

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  5. Anna Helsby Furniss says:

    I feel so peaceful after reading your poem. And how wonderful that it brought you some peace too! These moments are never frequent enough, this is a great reminder to take the time to seek them out.

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