Sunday Snippets

On Sundays I am just going to post some conversation points, observations, and/or lessons I have learned.

  • wear spring pajamas to bed on the winter weekends.  It helps keep teachers in bed longer so that they can lazily wake up to the day ahead of them.  Waking up encased in a tomb of flannel is the best feeling on a winter weekend.

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  1. Good idea. I wear very light pjs in winter because I easily overheat. It is true that wanting to stay in a cozy, warm bed is a definite incentive to more rest.


  2. Yes! Great idea for your Sunday posts by the way! I may have to borrow :).


  3. Your “lesson learned” is a cozy reminder of eider quilts, the crackling of a promising fire downstairs and an enticing sniff of coffee.


  4. Alice Nine says:

    LOL… I never thought about PJs being seasonal. You made me do a mental inventory… and guess what? I do have some seasonal ones.


  5. mrssurridge says:

    I would add: And keep those pajamas on ALL day. I love the image of being encased in a tomb of flannel. Heaven.


  6. You make winter sound so cozy. The winters of my memory are cold and complainy (but that is just me!). Enjoy those weekend mornings in your flannel tomb:)


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